Intelligent Curtain

With the development of society and the improvement of living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life.

Wake up with the sun every day, become a beautiful yearning.

The appearance of intelligent curtain makes this yearning become a part of daily life.

Different from other products, we adopt adjustable and self-adaptive roller design to better adapt to various height and thickness of curtain rod.

And applied for patent protection.

It contains 3 sets of replaceable hooks

which are suitable for all curtain rods on the market.

And applied for patent protection

ModuleTUYA BT Module
InputAA battery * 3 (support rechargeable battery)
Usage timeMore than 8 months (once a day)
NoiseBelow 50 dB (measured at 50cm of sound source)
Pulling forceBelow 1kgf
Locked rotor strengthAbove 1.2kgf
touch and go250g force
Working temperature / humidity0~40℃ / 10~90%RH
Storage temperature / humidity  -20~45℃ / 10~90%RH
LED1 (1 color indicator)
button1 Button
1. Short press once: status self check
2. Long press for 5 seconds: Bluetooth pairing
Certification requirementsTELEC、BQB
Applicable track typeType C, type O, type I