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one of those people that’s always losing things. I’ll be ready to leave and meet with friends for brunch when suddenly, I’m running 20 minutes behind because I can’t find my car keys or my purse. I lose things in couch cushions, in the space between my desk and the wall, you name it! There’s no feeling worse than knowing you just had something in your hand and now you can’t find it.  It is maddening, and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way!
Of course, those frantic searches could be avoided with a Bluetooth tracker. The tiny devices attach to your important belongings (your phone, car keys, purse, you name it) and help you locate them when they disappear!

What Are Bluetooth trackers?

A Bluetooth tracker or tag is a small, thin device that attaches to your most important possessions and allows you to ping (check) their location. It’s super useful if you ever misplace an item that’s attached to a tracker, which is why you should use them with important items. In the event that something gets truly lost, like left at a restaurant or on a park bench, your odds of finding it will be much higher if you have one of these smart products attached.

Why Do You Need a Bluetooth Tracker?

Being able to recover items when they are lost is invaluable. These simple devices could be the reason you recover a bag full of your child’s favorite toys, a cell phone with sentimental pictures on it, or a briefcase full of irreplaceable work notes.

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NameBLE Find My Tracker
AppiPhone :Find My
Waterproof levelIPX5
Main functionARM® Cortex™-M4F, max 64MHz,2.4G RF
Support BLE 5.1
the machine size: diameter 35mm, thickness 6.8mm
CR2032 button battery, removable
with buttons, buzzer
Support Apple FindMy Network
Structural specifications 
Stack sizeDiameter 35mm, thickness 6.8mm
PCBA sizeL:27.3*W:30.8*H: 2.76mm
KeysPan piece, the whole structure deformation trigger button
BuzzerBuzzer piece + sound cavity
Buzzer driveExternal booster chip for buzzer tablet
BatteryCR2032 button battery, removable
Time: 15 months
Hardware specifications 
Memory configurationSRAM: 64KB
BLE 5.1
SensorSupport acceleration sensor
Software functions 
OSUse guide:
iPhoneàFind My –>ltems–>Add ltemother–> Other Supportal ltem–> Search for device SNB-001 and click Connect–>Name the device and select an emoji tag –> click continue –> Register the product withclick Connect–>Name the device and select an emoji tag –> click continue –> Register the product with Apple ID — Click Finish after binding is successful”